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About SupplyRx

SupplyRx, Inc. is a technology-driven company focused on cloud and SaaS-based solutions for clinical trial and point-of-sale pharmacy programs in North America. The company is an innovative leader in proprietary and compliant cloud-based technology platforms that are nimble, secure and reliable. SupplyRx leverages technology and pharmacy networks to simplify the clinical supply chain to lower costs, increase efficiency and reduce waste. Founded in 2019, SupplyRx is headquartered in Raleigh, NC.

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SupplyRx is a virtual tech-enabled clinical trial supply company located in Raleigh, NC.  We fulfill on-demand regulatory approved medicines and supplies directly to patients in the United States and Canada through our national retail pharmacy networks and mail-order, specialty and limited distribution drug (LDD) pharmacies.

What / Where

Our virtual inventory can be used in any phase study regardless of therapeutic area including oncology and rare disease.  The Rx-based supply is used in areas such as standard of care, maintenance or rescue medicines, cold chain or biologics, scheduled medicines, over-the-counter products and ancillary supplies.



The SupplyRx System is a secure, scalable cloud-based system that connects study stakeholders and leverages existing pharmacy networks and inventory.  The SupplyRx pharmacy e-card is delivered to the patient via text, email or print.  This e-card serves as the patient’s payment mechanism for their prescription and works simply like an insurance card.  All data is electronically tied to the patient’s site and subject number.

SupplyRx technology and contracting power eliminate the conventional supply chain, reduce overall costs and provide safe, secure and efficient solutions for clinical trials with no waste. Benefits include supply being simplified, savings being optimized, and trials being maximized.

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Study Coordinator - Large Research Site

Thank you SupplyRx!  Our staff here at the site really appreciates not having to deal with physical inventory (saves time and aggravation) and your system is extremely easy and efficient.  We really like the compliance report as an added value as well! 

What Our Clients Say

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