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Powerful technologies built to simplify the supply chain, increase efficiency and reduce costs

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The SupplyRx System is an innovative technology built to connect study stakeholders and simplify the supply chain to lower costs, increase efficiency and reduce waste.

The SupplyRx System

  • Secure, scalable cloud-based system built for data security and ensuring HIPAA and regulatory compliance

  • Intuitive, user-friendly system designed to decrease site burden and increase flexibility

  • Single technology partner for the entire pharmacy benefits value chain

    – Powerful volume-based contracting

    – Virtual on-demand prescription-based inventory

    – Direct-to-patient options with national retail pharmacy networks, mail order, specialty and LDD pharmacies in the United States and Canada

  • Virtual pharmacy e-card delivered via text, email or print

  • On-demand reporting by study, site and patient subject number. Daily reports include pharmacy claims data, patient compliance, finances and system-users by site

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The SupplyRx System: Process Overview

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at
Intuitive User Experience 

Designed purposely simple for ease-of-use yielding low site burden, fast study start-up and

a single source for all data


Provides immediate speed, scale and efficiency, as well as security. All patient data and pharmacy

e-card information securely stored.


Make instant formulary or eligibility (e-card activations / deactivations) changes. Access all patient data, compliance and financial reports

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