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The only cloud-based pharmacy card platform connecting patients with pharmacies for just-in-time commercial medicines used in clinical trials.

Next generation pharmacy e-card solutions provide

simple, efficient and economical clinical supply*

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* Commercial clinical supply = Any FDA (NDC) or Canadian (DIN)

approved medicine or supply used in any phase study

Supply simplified. Savings optimized. Trials maximized.

Benefits for Sponsors and CROs: Simple, Efficient, Economical

  • Fast and secure. Cloud-based system provides immediate speed, scale,

    efficiency and security

  • Transparent pricing with significant savings. 10% to 70% off acquisition costs

  • Fit-for-purpose. Only pay for the supply dispensed to each patient

  • No conventional supply chain costs

  • Comprehensive reporting of prescription data, financial metrics and compliance reports by site and subject

Benefits for Study Sites: Saves Time, Space, and Site Burden

  • Purposely-simple design yields low site burden

  • No storage space required. No inventory to manage and no accountability

  • All pharmacy e-card data stored securely in the SRX system

  • Patient compliance reports by study, subject and site

  • Zero dispensing risk

Benefits for Patients: Safe, Trusted and Convenient

  • Patients trust the pharmacy card process. It works like an insurance card

  • Convenient e-card delivery options (text, email or print)

  • Medicine dispensed by licensed pharmacists via retail, specialty and mail order pharmacies

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